the term essay draft must be 300 500 words worth 50 points the completed term essay must be at least 1 500 words worth 300 points your revised developed version of your term essay must include a detailed analysis of the film which is a cohesive di 1

  • The first part of your Term Essay should be analytical. You want to explore how the different parts of the film come together and generate certain effects in (some) viewers. You cannot generalize for all viewers, but the effects on you are very important and should be articulated. Your Term Essay must include a thesis statement or a purpose of analysis, which is a discussion of its characteristic components.
  • The second part of your Term Essay, the evaluative component, asks you to make an articulate judgment (or series of judgments) about the film. In other words, you should indicate whether the film lives up to its potential (or fails to do so). You should have some clear criteria of evaluation in making your overall judgment (your descriptive criteria will provide you with supporting material here). One critical component in evaluation is effect. What effect(s) does the film have on you and how or why? Are these effects appropriate to the genre? Does the film introduce effects that are relatively innovative and new for you? How does this film compare with other films of the same genre with which you are familiar?

You are required to use at least FIVE approved interpretive terms, which are posted below and in your syllabus. You are required to boldface and highlight the terms and concepts that you are discussing.

Approved Essay Terms:

fade out realism film editing (shot)
fade in antirealism flashback
dissolve sequences montage
low angle shot narrative movie master shot
high angle shot genre reverse shot
close up character type crosscutting
medium shot diegetic sound intercutting
long shot non-diegetic sound repetition
cutting on action decòr costuming
implicit meaning chiaroscuro dialogue
motif open frame casting
point of view closed frame verisimilitude

Rubric for Term Essay and Final Exam:

  • Organization:
    • Overall Organization (introduction, analysis, conclusion) 15%
    • Paragraph Development, including effective topic sentence and transitions 10%
  • Evidence:
    • Effective use of evidence/illustration 15%
    • Accurate use of terms and concepts 10%
  • Analysis:
    • Meets the analytical goals of the assignment 10%
    • Demonstrates critical thinking 10%
    • Effective analysis of potential effects of cinematic techniques 5%
  • Mechanics:
    • Effective use of grammar/style (diction, sentence structures, punctuation) 10%
    • Meets the minimum length of the assignment 10%
    • Effective understanding of audience, tone, point of view 5%

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