discussion and assignment week 3

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Prepare a Discussion Post:

  • Describe two to three macroeconomic factors that influence interest rates in general. Explain the effects of each factor on interest rates.
  • Now think about the industry in which you are employed or one in which you have past experience. To what macroeconomic factors is your industry most sensitive?
  • Describe two contemporary factors that seem to be impacting your industry today, and identify their impacts on the interest rates experienced within your chosen industry.

General Guidance on Application Length: Your discussion will typically 2-3 paragraphs in length.


For this Assignment, review the information presented in Problem 7-18 on page 267 of your course text. You will utilize the information in this week’s readings and media to make a recommendation with regard to when to call a bond.

  • Prepare a spreadsheet using Excel or a similar program in which you compute the items listed in parts a, b, and d. Be sure to compute the Yield-to-Maturity (YTM) and Yield-to-Call (YTC) for each of years 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Utilizing Word, prepare a written report to your finance director:
    • Include a detailed explanation of the conclusion you reached concerning whether or not to call the bond before maturity.
    • If your recommendation is to call the bond early, explain when to call the bond and your rationale.
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a long-term loan instead of a bond.

General Guidance on Application Length: Your Assignment, will typically be 2–3 pages in length as a general expectation/estimate for each bullet point.


Brigham, E. F. , & Houston, J. F. (2019). Fundamentals of financial management (15th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Chapter 6, “Interest Rates” (pp. 121-227)

Chapter 7, “Bonds and Their Valuation” (pp. 228-269)

Teach Excel. (2012). Bond pricing calculations for simple bonds: Future value, present value, interest rate, etc. Retrieved from http://www.teachexcel.com/excel-tutorials/t-22,bon

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