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in your own words answer the following or you can paraphrase no plaigarism

In what way, if any, is sex segregation in public schools different from racial segregation? Are there differences in the nature of the categories of gender versus race that make one type of segregation less objectionable than the other?

One of the ways cognitive psychology looks at the difference between genders is through gender schemas – organized mental structures that delineate appropriate male and female behavior. Gender typing is having strong views on genders that are hard to move. How is this phenomenon related to personality?

After a number of years studying feminine psychology, Horney came to believe that women are no different than any other minority group, and she began to pursue different directions in her career. Are the problems faced by women different than other minority groups? If so, how are they different?

Relational therapy focuses on providing an environment for the patient to experience connection, empathy, and mutuality. It requires an engaged therapist. What are your ideas about how therapy should be conducted?

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