Part I LabSim Description and Action Items

Assignment Details

The Unit 1 Discussion Board assignment has 2 parts. Complete the following for this Discussion Board.

Part I: LabSim Description and Action Items

Please refer to the following for information about accessing and using LabSim:

Click here for the instructions for the Unit 1 Lab tasks.

Discuss your experience working with LabSim and completing Unit 1 Lab tasks. Of the three Sections chosen in LabSim Module 3 (System Components), share your thoughts about one of the simulated labs that you completed. For example, if you completed Section 3.5 (Processors), what did you find interesting from simulation 3.5.7 (Select and Install a Processor 1)? Be sure to describe the component and include the LabSim section and simulation section numbers that you are discussing.

Part II:

  • Review the hardware specifications for your own personal computer, and describe them to the class. You can locate information about your Windows-based computer by doing the following:
  1. Click Start > Run
  2. A window will pop up and you should type: MsInfo32
  3. In a Windows7 or Windows 8 system, click “Start” and then type in “MsInfo32” in the “Search programs and files” field.

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