how wrongfully convicted people should get compensated for time lost 1

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inside the essay make sure you incorporate Maryland laws on it & also other state laws.

its a persuasive essay be persuasive. you should persuade readers and use sources as back up for your claims.

Make sure that your thesis takes a clear stand on the debatable issue you’re discussing. Remember to underline, highlight, or bold your thesis statement.

each paragraph should discuss ONE main point of your argument. When you use your outside sources to back up your claim, cite them properly using MLA formatting and citing rules.

This shouldn’t be a quote fest. Use your quotes sparingly. Your voice should be driving the essay and your outside sources are there for support.

At the end of your document should be a Works Cited page. This should be double-spaced and in alphabetical order (if you have more than one source) based on the author’s last name.

When you address someone in your text, use their last name, not their first name (John says vs. Pickett says)

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