what are the effects of u s educational system on international students

My main research question is : what are the effects of U.S educational system on international students.

and my sub questions are :

1. why does international students choose U.S educational system.

2. What are the benefit of international students to U.S government and economy.

3. why International students do not choose U.S educational system.

4. how does the U.S educational system affect international students.

Final Research Project

Introduction: We have worked on narratives, comparative analyses, and arguments so far. For the last essay, we will be synthesizing everything we have learned into a research assignment. This final assignment will be different from the other three essays.

Assignment: You may choose from any of the topics or sub-topics that we have discussed (education, social media, texting, etc.). The idea is to expand and create new ideas and conclusions regarding the topic. You will become the expert on your chosen topic and demonstrate your new knowledge via the three following parts:

Part 1: Academic Research Paper (10 points)

  • 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman
    • 5 sources minimum (at least 3 different types of sources)
  • Must be in MLA formatting (5-7 pages should not include cover and references lists)
  • At least 5 academic sources should be used and cited.

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