marketing and communication how do they differ

Students are required to submit one analytical paper on any topic studied in this class. The paper is not just an opinion essay, it must include the synthesis of relevant materials from the lectures, discuss the importance of the topic to the nonprofit management, and be supported by/connect to relevant cases from the textbooks and by three (3) academic sources outside class material. The paper must have adequate introduction and conclusion. It should be six (6) double-spaced pages in length (around 1600 words) and written in APA style with the theme font Times New Roman, size 12, 1-inch margin.

Please see the grading rubric attached and evaluate your work before the submission! Also, I highly recommend you to use the resources available at the NIU Writing Center!

Academic sources means textbooks and articles from academic journals not newspapers or facebook! Wikipedia is not a valid source of reference!

Articles from these publications, or with the following characteristics, are NOT academic:

  • newspapers
  • magazines and trade journals
  • newsletters
  • journals published weekly or more frequently (although significant exceptions include Nature and Science)
  • very short articles (eg one or two pages)
  • articles that have no bibliography

Please Use the book as your main source.

Nonprofit management: Principles and Practice/Edition 4 by Worth, Michael J.

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