religion worksheet

Worksheet Eleven:

(Remember, if you are having trouble with any of these concepts post your questions/confusions on the Discussion Board under the “Question” Thread. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it.

The lines below are the minimum required in your answer to each question. If you want to write more, just keep writing, you don’t have to create your own lines. Please use comparable sized font to what you see here.

Read: “Meaning in Suffering”

1. What role does suffering play in Jewish history? Give some examples to back up your point. Pay attention to the Jewish exile and what happened to the two kingdoms. (5)

2. How is suffering redemptive? What does “vicarious suffering” mean? (3)

3. Do you agree with the Jewish notion of suffering? What role has suffering played in your life, if any? (4)

Read “Meaning in Messianism”

1. What three features remained constant in Messianic hope? Explain each briefly. (3)




2. Explain the three Messianic scenarios. (3)

1) Manner of Arrival

2) Restorative or Utopian

3) Relation to Previous history

2. What is the underlying theme of Messianism? (3)

3. What is your view of the Jewish idea of Messianism and Messianism in general?

My view of the Messianism is Hope. Hope that will allow for tolerance of suffering.

Read “The Hallowing of Life”

1. What does it mean to say the Jewish people are more united by what they do than what they believe? What do you have to believe to be Jewish? (3)

2. What are the two functions of ritual in Jewish life?



3. What is “piety”? Explain it in some detail. (3)

4. How does piety preserve the “sanctity of all things?” (2)

Read “Revelation”

1. Define “revelation” in some detail. (2)

2. What are the three characteristics of God explained in the Exodus? Explain each briefly. (3)




3. Define “covenant”. (2)

4. What was the sign of the covenant with Abraham that is still practiced today? (1)

5. What is your view of a “covenant”? Do you believe in covenants between God and his people? Why or why not? (5)

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