NEED ASAP Marketing Plan Project by tomorrow morning


  • write a 2-Year marketing plan for a product or service
  • The product or service must be one that is currently being sold and marketed. Choosing a fictitious product or service will create problems when students begin their research.
  • Using Appendix A from the text book, Marketing the Core by Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, (pages 43-59) each team will develop a 2-Year marketing plan that must contain the following sections:


  1. Executive Summary

  2. Description of the company that sells the product or service

    1. Description of the company.

    2. Description of product or service.

  3. Strategic Plan/Focus

  4. Situation Analysis (SWOT)

  5. Market-Product Focus

  6. Marketing Program Strategy-Tactics

  7. Financial Projections

  8. Organizational Structure

  9. Implementation Plan

  10. Appendix A: Biographies of key personalities (1-2 paragraph biographies of the project team).

  11. Appendix B: miscellaneous data (optional)




      • Marketing Plans should look professional (portfolio quality).




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