URGENT – Windows Server 2012 Consultation Project – 6-8pg APA

I have attached the requirements. This is for an upper level Information Technology course regarding Windows Server 2012, Active Directory, DNS, Domain Contollers, etc. This project must be in APA format and is 6-8 pages long with a graphic. All of the requirements are in the attached document. Please read and review carefully. This CANNOT be plagiarized work, so please do not post any previous answers that are similar to this question.


DUE DATE: 5/3/15 by 3:00pm CST. (Please use this date. The form bugs out sometimes)

I have several other papers for similar classes that need to be completed. If you can deliver with quality I will be contacting you directly for my next assignments. I did have someone that I was contacting directly in the past, but he stopped using this marketplace. 🙁



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