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 Attached is the excel file but I need a Word Document to explain the below.


Please submit a word documentand also a separate EXCEL Spreadsheet with the required calculations. Make sure you submit EXCEL spreadsheet separately and avoid posting the calculated values and the required graph inside your word document as they will not be accepted. Inside the word document, provide discussion by fully addressing the following tasks. I strongly suggest you attend the live chat presentation or view the archived chat session to learn how to perform the required calculations inside EXCEL spreadsheet.


You are required to use the grading comments for Week 4 IP assignment to revise your Week 4 EXCEL spreadsheet and word document postings and to include these Phase 4(IP) revised postings as the first two parts of Phase 5(IP) assignment. Then, you need to complete and add Parts 3 and 4 to complete and submit the final project. A student who does not include the first two parts of the project will risk a substantial point deduction for Phase 5(IP) assignment.


In case you do not include the first two parts (from Week 4 IP) in your final project EXCEL calculations and the Word Document, you will obtain a low score for Phase 5(IP) assignment. So, it is very important for you to carefully read and to follow the Instructor Comments of this final project in order to obtain a high score. In case you want to repurpose your postings from another MATH301 course section, you are required to modify your old postings to meet the requires tasks stated under Instructor Comments of this online course and the way shown inside live chat presentation in order to receive full credit. You can contact the instructor if you have any questions about this.

Task Background

During Week 4, you completed two parts related to Silver Gym’s data related to body fat and body weight (in pounds) of its 252 members. During Week 5, you are asked to follow the suggestions made by the instructor inside Phase 4 (IP) grading comments to revise your submitted posting from Week 4, and also to complete Part III and Part IV shown below in order to complete and submit Phase 5(IP) or the Final Project the way explained inside Week 5 live chat presentation.

You are hired as a statistical analyst for Silver’s Gym, and your boss wants to examine the relationship between body fat and body weight in men who attend the gym. After compiling the data for body weight ( in pounds) and body fat (as percent of body weight) of 252 men who attend Silver’s Gym (sample), you find it relevant to examine the statistical measures and to perform hypothesis tests and regression analysis to help make general conclusions for body fat and weight in men.

Part I: Statistical Measures(Week 4 Revised)

Statistics is a very powerful topic that is used on a daily basis in many situations. For example, you may be interested in the age of the men who attend Silver’s Gym. You could not assume that all men are the same age. Thus, it would be an inaccurate measure to state that \”the average age of men who attend Silver’s Gym is the same age as me.\”

Averages are only one type of statistical measurements that may be of interest. For example, your company likes to gauge sales during a certain time of year and to keep costs low to a point that the business is making money. These various statistical measurements are important in the world of statistics because they help you make general conclusions about a given population or sample.

To assist in your analysis for Silver’s Gym, answer the following questions about the Body Fat Versus Weight data set:

Click here to download the Body Fat Weight data set.

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