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Mind Map

  • Create a PowerPoint or mind map explaining key concepts you have discovered about yourself during the course of this class.

  • If you make a PowerPoint, use the notes section to explain your thoughts on each slide.  The presentation should be no less than 8 slides with at least three ideas on each slide and 500 words (total) in the notes sections.

  • If you make a mind map – create a Word document that goes along with it, describing your map. If you create a Word document it should be a minimum of 1,000 words, double-spaced, APA style.

  • To learn about mind maps click here for a 6 min video This video talks about a software called iMindMap – you do NOT have to use this tool but there is a free demo version if you want to play with it. Microsoft Word or Paint work really well. You can also draw and scan the image if that works well for you.


    Final Project Business Presentation/Rocket Pitch

    This PowerPoint pitch will pull together the research, planning, and writing you have done for  for the new enterprise you have conceived during weeks 4-7.

    • The PowerPoint must WOW the audience in 6-7 slides (including the title slide).
    • Don’t use PowerPoint to write an essay.
    •  Think of the audience—this is a presentation!
    • Use short, punchy bullets. Use graphics related to text. Put details, citations, and references in the notes pages. Use an attractive template.



Which of the cross-cultural themes discussed in Chapter 4 do you feel is most vital to the success of an MNC and why?


How should an HR department evolve to match a company’s expansion overseas? Which leadership roles are most important in this scenario?


Why is it useful to have an 8-step negotiation model? What are the consequences if a step is skipped?


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing MNC’s in today’s economy and why? Allow for political, technological, and economic challenges.



Characterize the future of US-based companies desiring to expand overseas within the next 5 years. What political, economic, and technological challenges might those companies face and why? How can they be overcome?

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