UOP Motivational Theories and Effective Leadership in the Workplace Essay

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Below are some of the motivational theories that describe human behavior in the workplace: 

Content-based theories

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Theory
  • McClelland’s Learned Needs Theory
  • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

Process-based theories

  • Adam’s Equity Theory
  • Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
  • Skinner’s Reinforcement Theory

This assignment will assess your skills and knowledge on: ULO 3.1 and ULO 3.3 

ULO 3.1 Evaluate the different theories about motivation.

ULO 3.3 Distinguish the leadership techniques for motivating others.

Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you have to write an essay.  The essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. 

Select any 3 motivation theories from the list given above, including at least one process-based theory. Write an essay on the selected theories of motivation and their relevance in a workplace setting in the context of effective leadership and management.  The essay should include the following discussion points: 

  1. Discuss the positive implications of each theory for the employee performance/performance outcome within an organization.
  2. Critically, evaluate these theories and discuss the limitations of the motivational strategies employed within each, in a workplace.
  3. Based on your understanding of these theories, present your own model of effective leadership within an organization. Discuss at least three strategies that you have learned about which you will employ as a leader, to motivate the employees in your organization. Consider using an application-based example to demonstrate your model.

Please include the items below in your essay:

  • Demonstrates in-depth thoughtful research and draws insightful conclusions that are thoroughly defended with evidence from credible academic literacies, scholarly sources, and relevant examples.
  • Analysis is based on an appropriate choice of at least one process theory selected and all three theories clearly explained and analyzed. More than one positive implication of each theory discussed with use of an appropriate example/s to explain the implications 

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