University of Chicago Micro Analysis Ethical Issue at the Google Presentation

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2 days 14 slides PPT With presentation Microsoft Word outline or manuscript on the Micro Analysis Ethical Issue at Google.

No AI or ChatGPT is Available, Follow APA Format + References, and Be professional and wonderful look.

Part 1: Company Part:

1. Briefly describe the Google

2. Create a SWOT Analysis of the Google

3. Describe an internal business ethics issue Google is facing (such as DEI, child labor, etc.)

4. How does the issue impact different stakeholders?

5. What were the results of Google’s initiative/s to address the issue? (Consider internal business factors)

6. Describe the ethical challenges (CSR, ESG, etc) the company faced: 1. How did the company solve the problem? 2. What were the results of their actions? (Look up: How To Do a SWOT Analysis(3 Examples & Free Template).html).

Part 2: Imagine you are part of the top management:

1. Do you agree with the solutions provided by the company for addressing the ethical problem/s?Why or why not?

2. How would be your suggestions for further improvement to achieve better results?

3. What would you recommend for enhancing the strategy of the company to solve the ethical issues or problems moving forward?

4. What would be your advice to your colleagues in the Management or the Board of the company?

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