University of Bradford Project Management Paper

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A. In recent years, the project management literature has

focused a lot of attention on the relationship between project

success and the characteristics that contribute to project

success (Mba, 2019). The reason that more businesses are

utilizing project-based structures despite the fact that failure

rates are high is often linked to the growing interest in the

field of knowledge related to project success. Project

managers’ and the management team’s abilities are thought

to be of highest importance. One of the areas of

management science expertise that is coping with increasing

complexity is the problem of project management and

project success. Even though the topic of project success is

the one that is brought up in project management

discussions the most, very little is known about how the success of project management affects the success of

projects. Hence, it is important to identify the critical

elements that influence a project’s success.

B. The goal of this research is to ascertain both the present

status of the implementation of best practices for project

management and the current state of successfully

completing projects. An investigation will be conducted

into the current state of approaches to project management

as well as the influence that various methodologies have on

the elements that constitute successful projects. An exhaustive investigation into the pertinent literature reveals

that the theoretical underpinnings of various methods to

project management have been around since the beginning

of time. This study makes an effort to evaluate critical

success variables that will have an effect on the

accomplishment of the project as a whole.

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