University of Alberta Planning for Community and Organizational Change Essay

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Draft a 3-5 page change proposal to executive leaders, soliciting their 

support for a change to the health care system in the community you 

selected in the previous assessment.


To improve 

health care outcomes within a community, leaders must understand the 

needs of specific populations. In addition, it is important that leaders

are able to gather and present persuasive evidence to decision makers 

to obtain the necessary funding and establish these needs as priorities 

for budget and resource planning. Thus, proposed changes should support 

improved outcomes and align with the current or needed health care 

policy.This assessment provides an opportunity to propose a community 

health care change that is based on the community health assessment you 

completed in Assessment 2.


Your community health 

assessment was well received by the executives at Vila Health. 

Consequently, they have asked you to recommend a change in the community

that will improve health outcomes. They have also asked you to submit 

your recommendation in a formal change proposal. You are confident that 

you can present a strong case for change, including a financial plan, 

that will ensure the success of this initiative.In this assessment, you 

will draft a change proposal to executive leaders to solicit support for

a change to the current community health care system. To prepare for 

the assessment, you are encouraged to begin thinking about your 

justification for establishing the recommended change as a priority, a 

strategy for leading change, and how the change will be funded. 

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