Unit 3

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Module Three- eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Choose a topic from Module Three- eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

This is a broad spectrum of time, everything from Romanticism to the Enlightenment.  You can write about any humanity work from this time period.  Think about how much the world is changing at this point.  What is it about the cultural landscape that produced this work and its maker? 

Again, refer to the Course Information for formatting and structure of your research assignments. 


All work must be in digital MLA typed format. Microsoft Office 365 

Common Web Resources:

Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab for APA Style

· The Writing Center’s
APA Formatting Guidelines

· Automatically Format Bibliographies in
Microsoft Word

· This
APA Formatted Starter Template (.docx) provides easy access to styles that match APA guidelines. 


Format of Papers:

All typed, word-processed, free of errors in spelling, grammar and syntactical construction. All papers must be carefully proofread and intelligently constructed. All written work will be judged by regular essay standards. Don’t slack.


MLA style: All essays should conform to the rules of MLA style either the 7th or 8th edition of the MLA handbook. Failure to comply means failure in the class.

Evaluation of Essays:

· Mechanical error (for EACH error) Spell, punctuation, proofing, minor sentence – 1 points

· Construction error (for EACH error) Sentence sense, frag, run-on, paragraphing – 2-5 points

· Structure/works cited/text notes (for EACH error) – 5 points

· Complexity/thesis/exemplification – 10 points

· Shallowness/hyperbole/generalization /Immaturity/off topic/incoherent – auto failure


Format and Requirements

Create the essay in the
MLA format and style.

Note: Many resources, including an example document, have been provided for you under the
Start Here module of this course.  This is a possible format but you can deviate if you wish:

Your essay will be most interesting if YOU are interested in the topic.  There is a great deal of material to study in this course.  Find something for each essay that really sparks your enthusiasm.

Each essay should be between 500 words and (should not exceed) 800 words.

Begin your essay with a brilliant exciting and engaging introduction in which you lead up to the topic and engage the audience with your topic and why that topic is important.

Arrive at an original thesis. 

For example, do not say that Buddhist art was religious. Instead, specifically explain why the Great Stupa of Sanchi is specifically an important work of art of Buddhist culture and how the building/shrine has contributed to the veneration of that Buddhist culture.

If you need more guidance on how to write an essay, we have supplied a simple format for a a five-paragraph essay with an introduction and thesis, three evidence/support and body paragraphs with specific examples supporting your case, and a concluding paragraph.:( this is a good starting point.  You may deviate from this but it should give you a solid outline).  If this is helpful, use it.  You are not required strictly to adhere to this, depending on your subject and writing style.

First paragraph with an intro, your thesis sentence, and a colorful example

Second paragraph proof one

Third paragraph proof two

Four paragraph proof three

Fifth paragraph perhaps a clever quote, suggestion or new idea that challenges the reader and the status quo.

Source Requirements

two database sources from
solid/reputable journals or books on your topic.

Do not use encyclopedias and Wikipedia style sources.

Articles must be signed by actual authors.

An MLA style bibliography must be included.

Each source must be used properly (paraphrased and possibly quoted) at least once substantively in the essay. Do not piece together extensive quotes.

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