UNH Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Annotated Bibliography

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This assignment requires you to create an annotation of one academic research article about relational communication. I will give you the article. Your annotation will summarize, evaluate, and reflect upon the article, and it should also include a full citation using APA format.

In your summary, please make sure to include:

  1. topic and importance of the topic
  2. research question/s (don’t include hypotheses)
  3. sample (who was studied) and method of sample selection (how they were chosen)
  4. research method
  5. how the data was analyzed
  6. the results of the study
  7. conclusions of the study

In your evaluation, please make sure to critically assess the study. Do you think this is a good study? Why or why not? You should include the limitations of the study.

In the reflection section, please offer your own thoughts about the article. Would this research be helpful or not for someone studying this topic? DO NOT REPEAT COMMENTS FROM THE EVALUATION SECTION.

Your annotation must be one single-spaced page in length with the APA citation at the top. I will stop reading after one page. You should have a cover page in APA format.

Please use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1” margins, and submit the assignment on Canvas. We will discuss the details of the assignment in class.

The article is Characteristics of Communication in Families of Alcoholics Marie C. Haverfield, Jennifer A. Theiss, and John Leustek. I will upload it if you are interested.


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