UIW Culture reflection

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Reflection Assignment: Write a reflection on the information gathered and how it fits into the week’s information by Thursday.

Your boss has provided you with the option of developing a training program in a major city of Japan, Germany, or Chile. Discuss which country you would choose to move to for developing the training program; incorporating the following aspects.

  • Research and summarize the culture of that country; what aspect would you expect to have difficulties adapting to personally, what aspect would be simple to adapt to personally. How might you proceed to prepare to adapt to the new culture.
  • Describe how the program may need to be adapted for that culture versus how it would be utilized in the U.S.
  • Discuss the issues of reverse culture shock. What aspects of returning to the U.S. would be difficult after several years overseas? Are there things you might have to relearn upon your return? How might you prepare yourself for the return to the U.S.

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