UC The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Controversy Essay

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You will be writing an essay and using the concepts such as  CSV, CSR, SDG, SWOT, PESTEL, and Five Competitive Forcest, to explore business issues, address challenges, and offer solutions.

Watch the video for which the link is provided below:  


Explore and analyze the following subjects, identify concerns and challenges,  and offer possible options and solutions.  That is to say: how can the differing points of interest and issues be managed and resolved moving forward?

–       Ascertain in a critical manner the controversies regarding the major stakeholders.  Are the rights and ancestral domains of the communities of Aboriginals / First Nations as key stakeholders in the project appropriate? 

–       Determine the role of the government in business. Is the lobbying of the Canadian Government by Kinder Morgan for constructing the planned pipeline for bringing oil from Alberta to BC appropriate for convincing the authorities to push through with the project?   

–       Explore the sustainability perspectives and Porter’s 5 Forces with respect to the pipeline’s construction. Did Kinder Morgan have a “competitive advantage” in this scenario for pipeline project?

–       Discuss globalization and regional development.  What role do they play in the construction of the pipeline in terms of global forces, business responsibility, and creating shared values?

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