One of the assignments this week involves assessing your current time-management approach and making a plan to improve your management of time.

As such, let’s explore this topic together. We can think of this discussion forum as the space where we can begin developing the responses we might include to complete the time management assignment. We can develop our ideas about time management and the strategies that are most effective for improving time management together, as a learning community.

Let’s use our collective brain power to develop a strong understanding of what it means to master time management. Follow along in each new conversation throughout the week.

Begin by making your first contribution to this discussion with a response to one of the following prompts from the Week 2 Assignment. Use VoiceThread to offer your response. Speak clearly. Articulate your ideas clearly. Be eloquent. Record your VoiceThread multiple times until you create a well-produced, 90-second response to one of the prompts below.

Choose one of the following prompts:

  1. Describe your approach to managing your time
  2. Or, discuss the issues that impact your time management most

In your subsequent contributions to the discussion, facilitate conversation with your classmates by sharing your ideas in writing. Listen to a few of the audio responses offered by your classmates, and share your thoughts with them. What ideas and thoughts were generated in your mind after you listened to their VoiceThread regarding time management?

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