Three Worksheet: Statuses and Roles

SOC 112 Module Three Worksheet: Statuses and Roles
Answer the following questions in complete sentences (1–3 sentences per question). Find at least one scholarly resource to support your
answers. Your responses will be graded using the Module Three Worksheet Rubric. Status 1 Status 2 Status 3 1. Describe three statuses that you occupy
in society. Daughter
This is a status I cannot change. Student Female 2. Identify whether each status is ascribed
or achieved. Ascribed Achieved Ascribed/achieved Depending on if I
wanted to
transition I could
change my sex if I
wanted to.
Some of the expectations
of this role is that I cannot
have an opinion. I am
supposed to be timid and
shy. I should never express
myself. I should have a
career and be married
before a child. I don’t
know what I am talking
about intellectually and I
shouldn’t be promiscuous. 3. Explain what the role expectations are for Expectations of this role
each status.
are for me to be a loving, trustworthy woman. I am supposed to follow all the rules and “stay in a child’s place” no matter what my age is. I’m not supposed to have an opinion when it comes to elders and supposed to take of things like a mother. This is a status I can change The expectations for this
role is to excel as a
student. I am supposed to
get great grades always. I
am supposed to always be
on time. Never miss a
class. This is a status I can/not change 4. Provide one example of role conflict. One example of a role
conflict with being
daughter is once you get
to an age to appropriately
decline what your mother
or elder says or have an
opinion of your own some
issues can arise in the
household. When you
want to be an adult once
you are an adult you can’t
be one One example of a role
conflict with being a
student is being an
employee. Being an
employee can be a role
conflict with being a
college student because
there may be times when
I must stay late at work or
I have a meeting early in
the morning. This can
become a conflict because
these are times that I
normally spend time on
doing homework or
catching up on some
studying. One example of a role
conflict with being a
woman especially when
you are a type A female
many things can happen.
Some women get
assaulted for being strong,
outspoken, and assertive. 5. Provide one example of role strain. One role strain of being a
daughter is that I can
never have an opinion to
elders and because I am a
daughter I am supposed
to respect another
woman’s daughter and
the world doesn’t always
work that way. One role strain of being a
college student is being
late or missing a class
because there was a late
meeting at work. The
meeting at work ran into
the same timeframe that
the student was supposed
to be in class. One role strain of being an
female is that they take
care of most household
responsibilities. For
example, a mother being
late to her work due to a
sick child or delayed child
care. The child being sick
or a child care delay occur
while the mother is
supposed to be at work. 6. Provide one example of a status that
might be subject to social inequalities. For
example, mothers tend to make less money
in the workplace, an experience known as
the motherhood penalty. Being a daughter the
social inequalities is that
brothers and sons do not
have to do much house
work there are social roles
assigned from birth based
on gender. And there are
certain things sons can do
and say in the household
daughters cannot. One example of social
inequalities when it
comes to being a college
student is the ability for a
student to pay for college.
There are many different
options to pay for college
but that doesn’t always
mean that people have
the means to go to school. One example of social
inequalities when it
comes to being an female
is a woman making less
money in the work place.
It is a well-known fact that
more times than not
women make less money,
even if they are in the
same position.

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