This assignment we will be reviewing the topic of Business Impact Analysis. The BIA helps to predict consequences of disruption of a business function. An example is how during 9-11 all economics shut down including airports.

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Please see the below the questions below that I would like to have answered. This assignment must consist of 1200+ words with 3 Scholarly Sources, the below reference must be used as one source . **NO PLAGIARISM WHATSOEVER**

1. Select a disaster or event of your choice. Then do a BIA on that topic you have selected.

2. In detail provide the name, and a description of the disaster or event you have taken.

3. Next identify which processes and computer applications are important to the survival of the organization selected.

4. Third, develop an understanding of how interdependencies between functions or organizational units, process will affect continuity management.

5. Fourth, identify critical resource requirements of the organization.

6. Fifth, how would you gain support from upper management.

7. Sixth, how would you increase management awareness of issues and satisfy regulatory requirements?

Textbook and Reference is attached below:

Broder, J. & Tucker, E. (2012). In Risk Analysis and the Security Survey. 4th Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann. Waltham, MA.

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