these 3 readings are for rest of the readings

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the total reading we should use is 8, the first 5 i already posted, there are the rest of all.

Your proposal should contain the following elements:

1. Clear statement of the problems/issues. Clearly indicate which two themes you are choosing for your

2. Your proposal
o Detailed, specific practical steps or measures that need to be implemented.

3. Conclusion.

1. This is an academic essay. It must be typed and double-spaced. Use font Times New Roman (size 12),
and use 1-inch margins.
2. Your proposal should be well supported by evidence from the course readings. You must integrate and
cite at least 8 course readings.
3. Cite authors’ names, year, page numbers, etc. as you explain your sources. You may also cite
additional supplementary sources (e.g. lecture notes, videos, podcasts, audio documentaries, guest
speakers, etc.). But these supplementary sources should not be the primary sources for your
4. Please include a Works Cited section.

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