theory and practic

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The role of theory is important in the construction, implementation, and evaluation of human-services intervention. According to Lippke, Nigg, & Maddock (2012), “understanding multiple health behavior change and its mechanisms is imperative to help people to adopt and maintain as many as possible recommended health behaviors” (p. 1). Theories related to behavior change can be found in most intervention research and become integral to practice.

  1. Review the overview of major theoretical approaches to human-services intervention under “Models of Behavior Change” in the assigned reading for this week from the Institute of Medicine (U.S.) Committee on Health and Behavior: Research, Practice, and Policy:
  1. Select one theory and provide a summary of its major points.
  1. Now, apply the theory to a problem you may see or can envision occurring in the human-services setting. According to the theory, what is the underlying source of the problem you are describing and how would the problem be resolved?

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