The State of Our Community Scenario: Public Order Crimes, homework help

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“The State of Our Community Scenario” Please respond to the following:

  • In Week 10, we have discussed public order crimes and some of the impacts of these crimes. In your scenario this week, you are given some information regarding public order crimes within our District. Also, you have been exposed to crimes for the past 9 weeks in our District. Consider whether there is a relationship between these public order crimes and other crimes in our District. Also, consider how theory may play a role in this consideration. Answer the following discussion questions:
    • Give your opinion on whether or not you believe these public order crimes have some impact on the other crimes in our District. If not, explain why not. If so, explain your basis for this. Determine whether or not “broken windows” have some relationship in this consideration, and explain why or why not.
    • Name another theory that might explain these crimes in our District, and explain why you think this is pertinent.

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