The Power of Infrastructure Space Do Artifacts Have Politics Essay

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Feel free to include quotes from readings, or screenshots of things you’re responding to, but try to use them as jumping off points… don’t let the excerpt do the work.

  1. What’s it mean?
  2. What intervention is this making?
  3. What do you think about it?
  4. If you’re writing about two works, address what’s unsaid in the space between them, or what points of friction they might have.

These needn’t be as formal as an essay (some unstructured or free writing is fine), I’m mostly looking for your engagement and thinking with (or against) the weekly material. Try not to rely too heavily on description or explanation of what the texts are doing; focus on your own ideas. Subjective writing is okay, but l’d like to see more analysis and ideation than opinion.

As you read, try to pay attention to the author’s methods: what questions are being asked bv the author and how that shapes the kinds of answers they can get.

Word requirement: minimum 250 words

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