the meaning of “media literacy.”, homework help

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1. Write a 3-5 page paper that uses at least 5 separate examples from class to discuss the meaning of “media literacy.”


a) The paper must be typed and emailed with your name on each page, page numbers and must be in a format i can read without needing to login or download. You may submit it as a Word attachment or as text within an email itself. But NO Google docs or other login-required formats.

b) Your examples must come from class and can include documentaries, lectures, etc. as long as it comes from class.

there are 5 examples you should used to discuss the meaning of “Media literacy”

Choose 5 examples of this 8 examples that we talked about in class and used as examples to write about ” Media literacy ”

look for the files to have more information about what we talked about “Media literacy ” in class and have more ideas

1-Ideas / Ideology

2- social control

3-public relations

4- power struggle

5- public opinion

6- the Corporation



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