The Importance of Annotating and Paraphrasing

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– What is the objective or purpose in practicing how to paraphrase properly and learning how to annotate?

-What will you learn?

Results and Interpretation

-Why is paraphrasing important? 14/14 points

-What value did annotating a peer reviewed journal article bring to your own understanding of individual behavior and how will this advance effectiveness in your management practice? 14/14 points


How would you assess your current skill level in paraphrasing and annotating? 10/10 points.

-What are some techniques or approaches that you will use in order to increase your competency in properly paraphrasing and annotating? 10/10 points

Paper Length: Write 3 FULL pages, double spaced, not including the title page and reference page = 900 words

Writing Style: Appearance, Spelling, Grammar, Organization, and APA 6th Edition Format & Style

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