The Global Comparative Perspective on Diversity

SOC 315 Week 5 Discussion The Global Comparative Perspective on Diversity

Please ensure your initial post, and your 2 posts to fellow students have the following: a minimum of 175 words, and at a minimum of one academic in-text citation with a corresponding full reference. This means all 3 posts this week require 175 words AND an academic citation.

Due Thursday

In the age of social media, employers are challenged to be socially just and responsible, which includes holding their employees accountable for behaviors related to diversity and inclusion.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words and an academic reference.

  • How can organizations demonstrate social responsibility and global consciousness? Why is this important, if at all?
  • Discuss one specific challenge and one specific benefit of both technology and social media related to social movements and change in the 21st century.
  • What are at least two ways your workplace can become more global-minded? What types of organizational change would need to be implemented to facilitate those initiatives? What resources, training, and information are needed within your organization to help facilitate these changes?

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