The Emergence of TikTok Stakeholder Relationships & Marketing Activities Discussion

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For this post you will pitch your idea for your final Trends Paper.

First, review the guidelines for the final trends paper. Then, do some research to identify a trend that you are interested in. Next write 3 (or more) paragraphs describing the trend that you want to discuss in your final paper. Be sure to identify the trend, and explain which communication practitioners you think you will focus on as your audience.

As you discuss your topic, explain what makes this a trend, what stakeholders you believe need to be considered by these communication practitioners. What are the key issues at stake for professionals if they are not learning about this trend?

Trends Topic Idea List

(Please note: this topics list is in progress…these are only ideas. Please propose any trend that interests you!)


Social media (generally)

The rise of the Internet (the Internet, arguably, started in the early 80’s)

Hashtags (also – over a decade old)


Specific SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS – such as…

Social media used for healthcare marketing (especially for hospitals)

Social media used for constitute communication (with politicians)

Emergence of TikTok -use for advertising, marketing, branding, etc.


Artificial Intelligence (as used in a particular way – like testing campaigns using AI or AI used for customer service communications, AI used for copywriting)

Advertising/Branding in the cannabis industry in the US

Brand activism (not corporate social responsibility – that’s old – but the move to activism)

Cannabis Marketing

Chatbots (alone – not much of a trend – but how are they being used in a specific industry or for a specific purpose?)


Diversity of audiences – especially in the workplace (having to reach multiple generations, using multiple channels and approaches)

Livestreaming (especially for non-profits, doctor/patient communication)

Media Bundling

Media Escapism (changing media consumption w. Covid 19)

Patient Portals (innovative uses in healthcare communications)

Political Advertising – Integrated Marketing and/or Micro-targeting

Print (or the “return to print” – keeping print in the mix)

Virtual Reality (used in a particular industry especially – beauty/fashion/sports/etc.)

Virtual Event Planning

Visual Search (could be part of a changing nature of search overall)

Voice Search (could be part of a changing nature of search overall)

A note if you are thinking about COVID-19 as a “trend.” If you are really interested in writing about the current pandemic – please remember that the criteria for this paper is that you write about a trend in communication practice. Keep this as your focus at all times. Consider the article attached here as an example for your thinking.

Readings (and uploaded files):……………


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