the detail is in the below 1

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Using what you have learned in this module, please analyze all of the tort issues that arise from the situation described in the problem.  Your response should be single spaced 2-4 pages long.  APA citations are not necessary for this assignment because you will only be using the descriptions of torts from the textbook, PowerPoint, and class discussions.  An excellent analysis will include the name of the tort, a discussion of each element that must be proven for a successful claim, and the specific facts or circumstances from the case problem that satisfy each element.  This analysis should be done for each individual instance where an individual or an entity would face tort liability.  There are many, many possible tort claims in this problem.

This is NOT a group project.  Do NOT work through this problem with your classmates.  You must work independently to complete the assignment.  Your submission must be strictly your own work.

Cruising Toward Disaster.pdf 

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