THE CITY OF NRFOLK A Report to Our Citizens Fiscal Yearzl7 0 July I, 20l6june 30, 20|7 Introduction The City of Norfolk is a vibrant, historic port…

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THE CITY OF N®RFOLK A Report to Our Citizens Fiscal Yearzl7 0 July I, 20l6—june 30, 20|7 Introduction The City of Norfolk is a vibrant, historic port city where diversecitizens, military, and businesses are building the economy,neighborhoods, and culture into the most livable urbanwaterfront in America. This report is designed to provide an overview of how the Cityhas performed over the last fiscal year. Included is abreakdown of Norfolk’s financials and a look ahead at futureinitiatives and developments. Norfolk Demographics 2016 2015 2014Population 247,087 247,189 246,394Civilian Labor ForceEstimates 110,644 111,318 112,175Per Capita Personal 5 35,940 $38,676 $37,052Unemployment 5.2% 5.6% 6.4% City Organization and Operation The City is organized and operates under a council-managerform of government. The City Council is comprised of eightmembers, who formulate policies for the administration of theCity. Seven members are elected through a ward system and theMayor is elected at-Iarge. The City provides a full range of general governmental servicesfor its residents. These services include police protection; fireand paramedical services; public health and social services;planning and zoning management; neighborhood preservationand code enforcement; environmental storm watermanagement; local street maintenance; traffic control; design,construction and maintenance of public buildings andinfrastructure; parks and cemeteries operations andmaintenance; recreation and library services; collection anddisposal of refuse and recycling; water and wastewater utilities;construction arts,entertainment and cultural affairs; and general administrative services. and operation of parking facilities; City Council Priorities Well-Managed Government: Continue to be a data-driven organization that provides effective and efficientservices that are responsive, accountable and customer focused. Lifelong Learning: Engage residents of all ages in a culture of learning that enables them to reach their full potential and support a thriving economy.

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