the best of intentions any form of communication

Even with the best of intentions any form of communication we choose in any given scenario can have the possibility of coming off the wrong way to our audience. Possessing the ability and sense of humor to ‘write in color’ is a wonderful way to grasp any reader’s attention however it is still imperative to ‘know your audience’ when choosing the way in which we communicate any given thought or idea in any setting.

Our course materials and assigned reading this week in part focuses on how to prevent a problem by looking at the situation from different perspectives. This method allows you to proactively respond or resolve a complex problem without disrespecting or degrading your co-workers or classmates before a problem even arises. By using this technique conflict can be managed by identifying your audience and responding accordingly.

  • What are some examples of how we can prevent the possibility of misunderstanding from happening to communicate most effectively in the classroom?
  • How does this skill transfer from the classroom to the workplace?

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