the Benchmark assignment,

As for the Benchmark assignment, please carefully review the syllabus as well as the rubric for specific information.  You are required to create 5 mini-lessons.  They are to be 15-30 minutes in length.  Please adopt a template for your lesson plans.  You will need to have 5 separate plansone for each day.  Please be very detailed in your plans.  I should be able to read your lesson plan and teach your lesson with ease.  As stated in the syllabus, every lesson structure should have at minimum:

  • Objective
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Assessment

The syllabus goes into further detail.  The focus as mentioned in the assignment directions for each day is:

Monday- Vocabulary

Tuesday- Word patterns/analysis

Wednesday- Fluency

Thursday- Comprehension

Friday- Writing

Be sure to make your weekly lessons flow together and build upon each other.  Please ask ahead of time if you have any questions!

In your final submission, please be sure to include your logged observation hour documents and observations in addition to your lesson plans and copies of any worksheets, handouts, tests etc. that you may have used

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