The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie the Science & Aesthetics of Tie Knots Article Discussion

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You are required to read the article below and analyse it critically. Basically, you should summarize this article.The critical analysis summary shouldn’t be more than one page (12 pt font, single spaced). It must contain the following elements:

  • State the research question and explain why it is interesting.
  • State the hypotheses tested.
  • Briefly describe the methods (design, participants, materials, procedure, what was manipulated [independent variables], what was measured [dependent variables], how data were analyzed.
  • Describe the results. Were they significant?
  • Explain the key implications of the results. Avoid overstating the importance of the findings.
  • The results and interpretation of the results should relate directly to the hypothesis.
  • Exploration of methodology, theoretical or factual aspects that are missing or could have been more expended, better explained.
  • The critical analysis will end with two questions that are deemed to open on discussion

This critical analysis summary shouldn’t be more than one page (Size 12 font, Times New Roman, single spaced, APA citation

And please follow the summary guideline attached.


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