Temple University Old Town Road by Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus Questions

I’m working on a Music exercise and need support.


1. Please write a few lines about chapter nine Tell me what stood out to you, and any thoughts/personal reflections you have on the content. 5-7 sentences is the expected length.

2. the instructions for this assignment is in the slides of the powerpoint below. ( Analogue Challenge)

3. Think about music. Think about art of all kinds – theatre, paintings, etc. Can you think of or find an example of unexpected and awesome combinations?

Here is an example. Ed Sheeran is a song-writer, singer, musician and producer. He is generally labeled within the pop genre. Andrea Boccelli is an opera singer, song writer and producer. He is generally labeled within the classical and easy listening genres. The two of them collaborated on a song together. Take a listen/watch.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli) Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

The two of them together is a pretty unexpected combination, given language differences, genre differences and age differences, yet the result is AWESOME

4. Ideally, you’ll start a notebook ledger and you’ll handwrite your observations in it daily. For this assignment, if you’d like to start a word doc that you continue to update and save, that’s fine too!

The idea here is to start to INTENTIONALLY SEE the world around you. Notice the little things. And when you notice something, record it! This is a great exercise to get us to really start to absorb the world (read: ideas/things that already exist in the world) so that we have move input to put together in new ways (read: new ideas!).

Each day, write an entry in your ledger. At the end of this week (and all of the following weeks that this is assigned) you’ll submit at least five entries (a sentence or two each).

For example:

Monday: Parked two cars up from the yellow “Bumblebee Transformer” car on my street (it has a Transformers sticker on the side), a new red pickup truck is parked and it has a Transformers sticker too!

Tuesday: All of the hot peppers in my neighbors garden are finally bright red….

5. Caffeine, Please follow the instruction I uploaded!!!!!


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