Technology in Latin America


Topic: i *Must be written in Spanish** Technology in Latin America (written in Spanish)

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Humanities : Spanish

Format or citation style: MLA


Writing prompt: Technology in Latin America

There is a boom in new technologies being developed throughout the world. In this essay, you are to conduct extensive research into some of the technological innovations that are being developed in a Spanish-speaking, Latin-American country. Describe the innovative technology and elaborate on its impact in that specific country.

Do not write about common tools such as cellular phones, computers or even the Internet.

*Do not write about Spain or Brazil; Spain is not in Latin-America and Brazil is not a Spanish-speaking country.

Write a 5-paragraph composition in which you educate the reader on a specific technological innovation/tool.
Paragraph 1: Introduction-describe the country
Paragraph 2: Describe the technology
Paragraph 3: Describe one impact
Paragraph 4: Describe a second impact
Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Please include the present, preterite, subjunctive, indicative as well as use of pronouns… but please do NOT write as if you are a native speaker.

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