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My event is the invention of the cellphone and the technology chosen is Bluetooth technology. Six Activity Guidelines and Rubric.html 

Running head: 5-2 ACTIVITY: REFLECTION: SELF 1



Artis Johnson

Technology and Society

Dr. Alan Wells

Southern New Hampshire University

November 27, 2022

Individual Framework of Perception

Looking through the different lenses of perception can alter your perception of the world. Technology can have a significant impact on your daily life. In this case, the internet’s invention changes how I view the world. I can see something one way on the internet and instantly paint a picture of how it should be before experiencing it myself. This can harm my view as well. As I prematurely form perceptions of people, places, ideas, behaviors, and beliefs, I become biased. As I am taught in my current career field, perception is everything; how people perceive things is reality. Now, do I agree with that in its entirety? No. Perception is how someone has a mental grasp of something, which means it is unique to that individual. How an individual perceives it may not be how the following individual perceives it.


Once a biased opinion is formed, it is difficult to get that out of one thought process unless that individual is open-minded. I am extremely open-minded. I am a curious George. I love learning. Bias has not altered the way I use certain technologies. If anything, it has made me more curious. By being curious, I dream of owning every technology there is. The reality of this coming true is slim to none, but I tend to procure as many different types of technologies as possible. Many people are biased against many technologies only due to negative hearsay things. They fail to realize that with most technology, many of the positive outweighs the negative. Another reason most are biased is due to a lack of knowledge. My goal is to spread awareness to others about the positive effects of technology on society when appropriately utilized.

Field of study or profession

As I lean toward the Public Health sector for my field of study, I realize that technology could play a huge role! Research and laboratory would be essential in finding cures for new diseases, viruses, vaccines, and more. To do this, we would need to help of the world’s leading technologies. Technology is where we could use the application of science. Technology is shaping today’s society as we move towards many sectors globally. The invention of the internet has also drastically impacted the public health sector. It has allowed awareness to be spread easily once new data is found regarding new viruses, diseases, and other illnesses. It allows people to research home remedies and when to seek medical attention. It is a data pool for everything you need to know and could even be a quick reference for public health practitioners.

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