tactics for dick sporting goods

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This is my Situation:

Dicks Sporting Goods is a retailing corporation that sells a variety of sporting goods. As for the state of Illinois there are only 29 stores, in 29 different cities. However, Dekalb Illinois is not one of those cites that has a Dicks Sporting Goods store located there. So, if the residents of Dekalb who wish to shop at these stores they would have to drive to nearest one that is almost an hour away. Dekalb is the home of Northern Illinois students which makes up most of the population. There are approximately 20,000 students who attend NIU. According to suburbanstats.org the population of Dekalb is 43, 862, which means that NIU students makes up almost half of the population.

I need help with the tactics. It Must be specific (i.e. organize a charity event? Make a film? Sponsor an event? Etc.) o Media plan (what media output and why, frequency) Online (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.?) Traditional (Newspaper, radio, cable TV, etc.?) Offline event (roadshow, banquet, etc.?) o Examples of your message (this is different from your ‘key message’)

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