surveyed by the Program

Compared with other developed nations, the U.S. performs average or below. Worse, among the 34 countries surveyed by the Program for International Student Assessment (2012).  The U.S. school system ranked fifth in spending per student during 2012, at $115,000 per student. That’s a hefty chunk of change for so-so results.  During this same time period the average American public school teacher earned $56,383 according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2017) whereas as the average U.S. medium income for this time period was $51,371.  Often we hear that more funds are needed, where in fact we as a country are spending a great deal compare to other developed nations.

Many people have looked for ways to solve the problem for their own children by seeking a charter school, private school, non-schooling or homeschooling.  What do you think the problem is?  Why are our public school children lacking behind?  What are schools doing wrong? Is it a lack of parental involvement, poor curriculum, poor learning environments (too must time spend on discipline — or what exactly?

The videos look at a variety of education types and provide some interesting insights and comparisons.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on the questions above, and the videos themselves.  Also please share your ideas for remedies.

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