summarize technical information

Your assignment should include your name and student number, be a maximum of 6 pages, and it MUST include in-text citations as well as a reference list at the end of your assignment. You can use paragraphs/full sentences or point form to answer each question. Remember that the assignment is worth a significant value (20% toward your course total) and therefore you will be evaluated on the completeness of your answers. You should therefore spend time to ensure that you’ve provided a complete and robust answer, and include at least 5 references based on your own independent research. (The textbook, recommended websites listed in the assignment, and on-line class notes do not contribute to these 5 references).

In completing the assignment, be sure to provide reference sources for your information to avoid plagiarism by using a standard citation system as described in the following:

Note that scientific style in writing does not include quotations. You must summarize technical information in your own words.

Some useful resources (in addition to those found in Unit 2 on-line lecture notes) as a starting point in your research include:

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