Substance Use or Abuse

Substance Use or Abuse

Let’s consider: Alcohol has become a big problem on many campuses today as well as within many homes. Our text asks, “How many people do you know who regularly use some kind of drug?” (p. 250). Think about that question. Many of us take prescription medications. Many of us drink caffeine on a daily basis. Should that be considered?

Be sure to read pages 250-259 in your text for this week’s discussion. Notice the Sam Spady Story in Box 9.1 on page 258. Click on the highlighted link in order to read more about her case. Consider whether or not you believe that Sam’s death could have been prevented? If so, how?


Let’s discuss: In your initial post discuss some of these questions: What is the difference in substance abuse and substance use? What is substance intoxication? If a person comes home after a long week at work, has two or three drinks containing alcohol such as a margarita and falls asleep on the couch, does that person have a mental disorder? (See page 251).

How do we know when someone is “using” versus “abusing” alcohol or drugs? Have you ever engaged in binge drinking or other risky behavior that you feel free to discuss? Do you think substance abuse has more to do with biological, personal, familial, or other factors? Why? In addition to using your textbook, find an article on this week’s topic of substance use and abuse, and cite the facts you find in support of your answer.

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