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 1. Where did the earliest hominids live? What were relationships like between men and women
during the Paleolithic age?
2. How did the Neolithic age change the so-called “nomadic” lifestyle of humans?
3. Which ethnic/cultural group founded Mesopotamia and what was the society like, politically,
socially, and economically?
4. Where were the Phoenicians and Israelites from, geographically?
5. What rights, if any, did women have in ancient Egypt?
6. What was Egyptian society like in regards to religion and politics? What did most commoner and
slaves have to work on within the society?
7. Cyrus the Great was responsible for what?
8. The Assyrian Empire was contained within the Persian Empire. Where, geographically?
9. Where were the earliest Greek civilizations located? Which sea were they near?
10. What happened in the Greek Dark Ages?
11. Who was Socrates? Plato? Aristotle?
12. Describe Spartan society. 

Paragraph Questions:
1: What role did geography and religion play in Ancient Egypt?
2: Summarize the two major conflicts between the Persians and the Greeks (one during Darius’ reign and
another during Xerxes’ reign).
3: Describe the conquests and impact of Alexander the Great. 

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