student rights

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Complete analyses on the case study .Please make sure you use proper academic resources and proper APA standards for each answer. Make sure the word count is at least 2000 words and at least 4 scholarly sources are used I will provide one of the four.

School officials suspected that a physical education teacher was stealing money from students. Two hidden video cameras were placed in his office. The office was also used by other gym teachers and was where the teachers changed their clothes. The office was located in the boys’ locker room and was accessible only by walking through the locker room. The cameras recorded and stored camera images for thirty days. It was unclear whether any school officials actually watched live images from the cameras or reviewed the tapes. When a teacher discovered the cameras, he sued.

1.Where the privacy rights of the teachers violated? Why or why not?

2.What rights does an organization have if it suspects theft or vandalism or other unacceptable behaviors from its employees? Please be specific.

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