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In this reading assignment you are asked to describe the individuals, listed below, in detail and according to the textbook. Each individual should be described with dates, major works and accomplishments and why these individuals were so influential and remembered. You will also need to put each into the context as described by the author of the textbook. Total word count: 350-500

(Note: I am not asking you to search google, wiki, or the internet for you answers. Your answers should come from your textbook: The Story of Christianity, by Gonzalez).

Book link:


Who was Julian the Apostate and what did he attempt to accomplish?

Who was Athanasius and describe his influence and work. What did he seek to accomplish?

Describe each of the following individuals in some detail: Gregory of Nazianzus, Basil the Great, and Gregory of Nyssa. Then describe why these individuals were called the “great Cappadocian fathers” (in other words why were they so influential)?

Who was Ambrose of Milan? What did he accomplish?

Gonzales says John Chrysostom did not use the pulpit simply as a podium “from which to deliver brilliant pieces of oratory. It was rather the verbal expression of his entire life, his battlefield…[and ] an unavoidable calling…” Describe how his life was a verbal expression of his message and why it led to exile and eventual death?

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