state and federal sources provided a large percentage of funding for many public and private institutions

Assignment: How Funding and Competing Budgeting Priorities Impact Higher Education

At one time, state and federal sources provided a large percentage of funding for many public and private institutions of higher education. However, this has changed so that even many public institutions receive only small percentages of funding from government sources. As these funding sources change, institutions must reconsider their programs, their models, and their priorities.

A full budget at a large institution could be hundreds of pages in length and require a large, dedicated team of professionals to develop. To analyze a full budget is beyond the scope of this course, but it is typically part of the responsibilities for anyone in a leadership position. While you review budget documents, look for information about specific funding priorities.

To prepare:

Consider the relationship between funding and priorities. Then, do the following:

  • Select an institution and research any publicly available documentation on its fiscal year budgets.
  • Check with the Walden Library for resources.

To complete:

Write a 4- to 5-page paper in which you analyze how the budget impacts competing priorities. Explain how you would decide these issues, and include the following:

  • A brief description of the institution you have selected and the size and scope of its budget
  • A description of at least two funding priorities at the institution and, as best as you can determine, the rationale for such priorities
  • An analysis of the budget to identify at least two potential competing priorities that might result from the budget plan
  • A description of any public comments from legislators, the public, or other stakeholders
  • A proposal for how you would resolve competing priorities
  • An explanation of how you would reach out to stakeholders who have expressed public concerns

Your paper should be written in a scholarly manner using APA formatting. Provide URL links to information about the institution you selected and its budget.

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