Special Topics in Race, Ethnicity, and Nation

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please complete those question with instructions

Mid-Term Review Guide

(I already attached my course readings and PPT)

2) Short Answers(40 points, 20 pts each):

a.Discuss the relationship between race and class. How do the two intersect and how do they inform one another? Your analysis must use two of the following three course concepts: subordinate inclusion, the wages of whiteness, and the color line.

b.Discuss “the problem of American democracy” using concepts from either Du Bois or Mills. How does the theorist you chose conceptualize the relationship between race and democracy? Use at least one key term or idea from the author you have chosen, and at least one key term from Omi and Winant.

c.All empires struggled to maintain a balance between incorporation and exclusion. Discuss the purpose of this balance and at least two of the practices through which it was maintained. Connect the two practices you discuss to at least one key course concept.

.3) Essay(30 points): one page for each question

a.In “The Souls of White Folk,” Du Bois writes: “How easy it is, then, by emphasis and omission to make children believe that every great soul the world ever saw was a white man’s soul; that very great thought the world ever knew was a white man’s thought; that every great deed the world ever did was a white man’s deed; that every great dream the world ever sang was a white man’s dream.” Discuss what Du Bois means by this statement, and its relationship to power- knowledge.In your analysis, be sure to draw on key course concepts, as well as other readings, lectures, or films viewed in class.

b.Discussing the economic and political rise of Western European empires, Frederick Cooper writes: “What [various explanations] all have in common… is their tendency to depict this development as essentially autochthonous [coming from within], their tendency to privilege some set of internal variables or ignore altogether the role of colonial conquest and African slavery….” Discuss the relationship between the rise of Western European/American nations and the development of “race.” How were/are nation and race complementary concepts? In writing your essay, be sure to draw on key course concepts, as well as readings, lectures, or films viewed in class.

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