SOCL 120 –SPRING 2016

SOCL 120 –SPRING 2016

Assignment 4 (55 points)

Please answer question 1 for 45 points and any other question of your choice for 10 points.

Please make sure you number your answers according to the question numbering. For instance, 1a should be separated from 1b, 1c, from 1d and so on.

Make sure you support your answers with examples.

1. Based on your knowledge in this course please differentiate between the following sociological concepts. Support each answer with an example (45 points)

a. Marriage and family

b. Social change and social movement

c. Endogamy and exogamy

d. Polygyny and polyandry

e. Sandwich generation and serial monogamy

f. Matrilineal and patrilineal system of kinship

g. Monotheism,and polytheism

h. Mortality and morbidity

i. Sect and cult

j. Ethical religion and Theism

k. Fertility and migration

l. Net migration and natural increase

m. Environmental sociology and environmental racism

n. Chronic and infectious diseases

2. What are functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionists perspectives on religion? (10 points)

3. What are the three stages in the theory of demographic transition? Which countries fit into each stage? (10 points)

4. Name and describe the theories of social change as discussed in this class? Which theory makes sense to you and why? (10 points)


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