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You will examine 2 crimes within particular social moments and relate them to each other.

Anthony Sowell (Cleveland Strangler) and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder) have both found themselves involved with the U.S. criminal justice system.

Videos related to each are attached

1)I am looking for is your ability to relate socio-historicity to the two events which eventually connect them to each other. And I need you to use your critical thinking skills and apply the concept of “sociological imagination“-

2)It should resemble the fluid diagram (with arrows going everywhere). What is it about the U.S. culture that allows for the disparate treatment between street-level and white collar criminals?

Please use a blank sheet(s) of paper to show the connections (you must have at least 10). Then take a picture, scan, etc. for the image and upload it

I need one page written discussion and one diagram with arrow for the connection (most important is the diagram)

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